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conditionally install files based on OS

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  • conditionally install files based on OS

    How do I conditionally install files based on OS

    As more operating systems are being released year after year, developers are wanting to maximize the platform support for their products. However as technology develops, dependency files are not necessarily compatible on every operating system. Some controls distributed with an application may be suitable for a Windows XP system, however they may not be compatible with an older operating system such as Windows 95 or 98. As a result it's becoming common place to conditionally install some files for your application based on what operating system your customer is running. Using Setup Factory, this task is very easy to accomplish.

    Let's say that you have the file "myfile.txt" that you only want installed if the user is running Windows 95 or Windows 98.

    Assuming that you already have the file added to your project, right click the file in the project window and select File Properties to view that file's Properties dialog. Next click the Conditions tab.
    There you will see the section "Operating Systems". This is where you can specify which operating systems function with this particular file. The file will be installed on any OS which is checked.

    As well, notice one of the Operating Systems is "All Future OSs". If this is selected, the file will be installed with any new version of windows not listed in this list. This feature prevents your products from becoming "dated" just because a new OS is released.

    For more information, please see the following topics in the Program Reference located under Help | Setup Factory Help:

    Program Reference | Files | File Properties | Conditions
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