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make my install span multiple media devices?

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  • make my install span multiple media devices?

    How can I make my install span multiple media devices?

    This article explains how to split your install between two or more pieces of media

    If your installation is larger than your chosen distribution media (Floppy/CD/DVD/etc.) then you will have to split your installer among two or more pieces of media.

    Setup Factory makes this process extremely easy. When you have your project exactly the way that you want, choose Publish > Build. Notice that in the dialog that appeared, you have multiple options. The most popular choices of media are listed here, with preset sizes. Or, if you prefer, choose the custom option, and specify your own segment size.

    In other words, if you were creating an installation for 650 MB CD-ROMs, and your installation was 850 MB, you would select the "CD-ROM (650 MB)" option. This would build your installation into two segments, a Setup.exe that is 650 MB and a setup.2 that is 200 MB in size. You would then burn Setup.exe onto your first CD-ROM, and setup.2 onto your second CD-ROM.
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