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  • Unattended Build documentation suggestion

    When you are documenting how to do unattended builds, you don't mention using "start /wait". If you don't use that, and your build is part of a batch file (which it is likely to be), then control returns to the batch file before the build completes. As a result, testing the errorlevel from the build will give incorrect results (you won't know if it has failed).

    So, it would be very helpful if your docs discussed this, and suggested running it with command lines such as:

    start "" /wait "C:\Program Files\Setup Factory 8.0\SUF80design.exe" /BUILD ...

    N.B. if you don't include the "" before /wait (meaning that the window it runs in is to have an empty title), it thinks the quoted program name is the title, and gives you error messages about the /BUILD parameter, because it thinks that should be a parameter to the "start" command, not to SUF80design.
    Dan Cooperstock [email protected]

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

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