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Include full command line when shelling to 3rd party utils

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  • Include full command line when shelling to 3rd party utils

    when shelling to lzma or upx, and an error occurs, please include the full command line that generated the error in the log file as well as the actual exit/error code.

    This is not helpful at all (And yes; the file exists, and yes; it previously built fine)

    Along these lines, it would be nice to be able to tweak command lines -- as the 3rd party utils typical mature faster than SUF; it would be nice to be able to use them in a more configurable manor.

    Build failed.
    --------- Errors ---------
    LZMA  4.60 beta  Copyright (c) 1999-2008 Igor Pavlov  2008-08-19
    Error: Incorrect command
    Usage:  LZMA <e|d> inputFile outputFile [<switches>...]
      e: encode file
      d: decode file
      b: Benchmark
      -a{N}:  set compression mode - [0, 1], default: 1 (max)
      -d{N}:  set dictionary - [12, 30], default: 23 (8MB)
      -fb{N}: set number of fast bytes - [5, 273], default: 128
      -mc{N}: set number of cycles for match finder
      -lc{N}: set number of literal context bits - [0, 8], default: 3
      -lp{N}: set number of literal pos bits - [0, 4], default: 0
      -pb{N}: set number of pos bits - [0, 4], default: 2
      -mf{MF_ID}: set Match Finder: [bt2, bt3, bt4, hc4], default: bt4
      -mt{N}: set number of CPU threads
      -eos:   write End Of Stream marker
      -si:    read data from stdin
      -so:    write data to stdout
    Error 2091: Could not compress file using LZMA: V:\source\Dev\Common\modules\Support Wizard\Source\..\..\..\..\..\release\ESQL2007\Drivers\Drivers common\reg2.exe

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

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