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Setup Factory 8.0 Update (v8.2.0.0) Released

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  • Setup Factory 8.0 Update (v8.2.0.0) Released

    Setup Factory 8.0 Update (v8.2.0.0) Released

    There is a new service release (v8.2.0.0) available for Setup Factory 8.0 containing bug fixes and new features. You can get the latest version by selecting Help > Check for Update from within the product, or by downloading the full install through your customer portal and then uninstalling and reinstalling Setup Factory.

    This release contains a variety of bug fixes and features:
    • Feature: Added a multi-line edit dialog to the IR Script Editor.
    • Feature: Added support for Windows Server 2008 R2 to the System.GetOSName action and OS Conditions.
    • Feature: Increased the maximum possible number of characters that can be read in when using the INIFile.GetValueNames action.
    • Feature: Added support for the "InstallLocation", "VersionMajor", and "VersionMinor" uninstall registry keys.
    • Feature: Added Turkish language module.
    • Feature: Added the ability to rename design-time constants.
    • Feature: Made it so that files protected under WFP will be skipped during the installation.
    • Feature: Made it so that the File.Install action will not overwrite files protected by WFP.
    • Feature: Added extra log file information when a file failed to register using either the Register COM interfaces or Register TypeLib options.
    • Feature: Changed the default location of log files and the uninstall executable to be more compliant with Windows Vista and Windows 7 standards. The new default for log files is the Temporary directory, and the new default uninstall executable location is the application folder.
    • Feature: Made it so that build configuration selections are saved per-session.
    • Fix: Added compatibility section to application manifests for Windows 7.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where the click to skip option was not working for the Dialog.SplashImage action.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where a final CRLF was throwing off the Base64 decoding.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where the HTTP.Sumbit action was not working properly with invalid certificates and the _IgnoreInvalidCertificate variable set to true.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug in the Dialog.SplashImage action where second delays greater than 59 seconds were not working.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where design-time constants were not being expanded on "While Installing" screens.
    • Fix: Added support for Windows restart messages in Setup Factory's design.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where design-time constants were not properly saving newly edited values when deleting design-time constants.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug on the Uninstall Settings dialog where the "Always on top" checkbox was not being enabled/disabled based on the "Create uninstall" state.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug in the DlgProgressBar.SetProperties action's description text where "Enabled" was shown instead of "Visible."
    • Fix: Fixed a bug on the "Setup File" tab of the "Build Settings" dialog where the "Custom" size setting's enabled/disabled state was improperly being set.
    • Fix: Removed the custom screen type from the While Installing and While Uninstalling screen lists.
    • Fix: Added a build warning if a file added from a folder reference already exists (same source location) in the file list resulting in it being skipped.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where skipping files in a code-signed multi-segment installation would sometimes cause a crash.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where the HTTP.TestConnection action was not using AutoProxy or setting proxy information properly.
    • Fix: Fixed a bug where the uninstall executable and folder would not be properly removed if 8.3 file naming was disabled on the system.
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