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  • Resource window ?


    I wonder me if there is a Resource window in TU2 as in SF7, to edit LUA scripts.
    Actually, i have to edit my scripts included in TU2 into SF7 and i don't find this, very efficient.
    I read in the help file :
    Opens the selected script file in your default text editor where you can view and edit its contents.
    But in Resource\Includes tab, it doesn't open the file, just popup Script file properties box

    Any tips for me ?

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    Hi DavDes,

    What are you using to edit your script files in SUF70? The Global Functions tab of the Resources dialog?

    What you might try doing in TrueUpdate 2.0 is create a new script tab (from the menu Script | New) and then drag and drop your script files onto that tab, or imported by right-clicking on the script and selecting Advanced | Import.

    You can then edit your script there, and then when you are finished you can export your script to a *.lua file by right clicking on it and selecting Advanced | Export.

    Hopefully this is the sort of functionality that you are looking for.

    I have made a note of the error in the TrueUpdate help file.

    ref: 14547
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      Thanks Mark.

      In Suf7 i use the Global Functions tab of the Resources dialog. I find it very useful.

      Even if it's not so ergonomic, i will use your tip in Tu2 : i does the job.

      I just wonder me: what happens with these script tabs in reality if i keep the code inside ?
      Are they server, client, both side ?
      When are they execute ?



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        The custom scrip tabs that you add will be store in your Server File. They will not be executed until you call them using the TrueUpdate.RunScript() action.

        The Custom Script Tabs are simply designed as a way for you to easily organize your Server Script into smaller more-related pieces.
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          About ref: 14547


          After some months of usage (Add Tab/Import/Edit/Export), I believe really that a better way would be to have a special screen to edit lua scripts from "Resources\Includes" screen.
          I've forgotten so much times to export the modifications...It has an impact on all my builds.

          Please add this feature.