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How to pair VP2 with TrueUpdate?

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  • How to pair VP2 with TrueUpdate?

    On the IndigoRose web site under the information for VisualPatch 2, there is one sentence that says ;" Pair it with TrueUpdate for a totally automated software updating solution."

    Is there anyone that can explain me how to do this as I have both programs but can's find any information about this in the help files

    Best regards
    Stein Inge Haaland

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    Well we only have TU2 and not VP2 but here's basically what you want to do.

    Using TU2, you would build a client/server system where an executable is run on the users hard drive (bundled in the installer like with SF7 or whatever installer software you use) which would communicate with your server that hosts your updates. If an update is available to the user, the TU2 client/server will download the updates you instruct it to and apply them. In our case, we simply download a ZIP file with updated software, extract it to the users system and the user is up to date. In your case, the patch you download would be more intelligent and would be able to determine which version of software the end user has installed and perform actions based on that. VP2 basically manages your patches for you rather than having to do the work in TU2.

    I hope this helps.