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set creation date of a file

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  • set creation date of a file

    hi folks,

    I've a problem with the creation date of a file after a patch. The date is set to the point where a user performs the patch. But i need the original date and time. I only can reach this if i set the flag "force install" to this file with the drawback of increasing file size.

    Is there a possibility to set the creation date manually?

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    I brought this up a while back. If VP patches a file, Windows sets the file's time stamp to the current time/date, since the file has been modified.

    On the other hand, if VP simply replaces a file (either because it was forced or because there was too many difs) the file's original date is used.

    We find this a bit irritating because customers sometimes think that files were not updated. It also makes it difficult to tell which version of file a user has.

    The problem isn't so much that you can't set the date, but rather that there's no way of knowing what the file's original date was.


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      Thanks, I've logged this for consideration. REF: 15846

      In the mean time you could include a command line tool (e.g. FileTouch) as a primer file and use it to set the creation date in an On Post Patch action.
      --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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        Then i will use a command line tool to set the date of a file. Better than increasing the patch size about 6MB.