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Failed To Extract File From Archive

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  • Failed To Extract File From Archive

    Everything was working fine yesterday I was going to test some code changed so I did a new build now I keep getting this F"ailed To Extract File From Archive". Anyone else run into this???

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    After hours of banging my head on the wall I nailed this one not long after my post. If you are patching to files that dont exist AKA a bad path (not all my files are in appfolder) you will get the "Failed To Extract File From Archive" error.


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      So what did you do to over come the problem? I'm using a trail edition to see if we want to move to this app... and am getting the same thing.s


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        I was getting the error because the file I was trying to patch was soppose to be lets say on "\\server\share\application\files\mydll.dll" and the the patcher could not reach the path maybe the folder was missing or whatever. I would do a dialog.message box to see what path you are trying to reach, and see if you can get to that path.