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Session variables

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  • Session variables

    Can somebody please tell me how to get the value of a session variable like %AppFolder%? I think the value of this is at the root of a problem of mine but I can't figure out what it thinks that value is.

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    To get the value of a session variable in a script, use the SessionVar.Expand action.

    Dialog.Message("%AppFolder% contains:", SessionVar.Expand("%AppFolder%"));
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      Ok. I tried that and it told me that %AppFolder% contains


      I guess maybe I don't understand how that session variable gets set. I thought I read that if I used the project wizard it would set it fo rme but Idon't ever really see where it would do that. What should be filled into this value? I thought that it needed to be the destination folder where the key files are installed on the client system.



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        The action needs to go after the part of your script that locates the installed version. A value is assigned to %AppFolder% in that part of the script if a known version is identified.

        If you check the value of %AppFolder% at the start of your script, it will be empty.
        --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]