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  • Run Program After Patch

    Hi There,

    i have Added A CheckBox Screen To My Patch, And After The Patch has Been applied i want it to run the program PAL.exe

    how would one do so with code.?

    thanx in advance

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    1. Go to Project > Actions.
    2. Go to the On Post Patch script (by clicking on the On Post Patch tab).
    3. Click the Add Action button, and add a File.Run action. Fill out the settings (you'll probably want to change the path and filename).
    4. Click Help when you get stuck (there's a wealth of info in the help file, including full details on how to use the scripting language).
    --[[ Indigo Rose Software Developer ]]


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      Thank You for The Reply, That Is a good Solution, Perhaps
      i Didn't Explain Myself Enough.

      I Was Thinking Of Adding A CheckBox SCREEN.

      When You Click On Screens -> Then Add Check Bosex From There, So After The Patch Is Done, If the user Chooses To Ru The Program, Or Read The Readme File, he Can Check Those Boxes Themselves And Click Finish Then The ReadMe Would Come Up, And The Program Would Run If, The User Checked That option.

      I'm Not Shure If That Does a Difference But, I think it Is a Little Diffrent Then Your Reply. I Hope this Expplains My Situation A Little More.

      Thank You Very Much in Advance