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  • Error 3040


    I am getting either an error 3040 saying it could not append file size to file or I get out of memory....

    I read on another thread that the error could be a drive error, but I have tried writing the patch file to another drive entirely and get the same problem...

    We need to deploy a patch urgently so visual patch has always been our tool... but this is giving us nightmares...

    Any ideas?


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    could be the temporary drive -- run chkdsk /f on all local drives.

    Also, try it on a different machine...


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      I tried chkdsk /f but still getting the same problem...

      This is the precise error...

      Error 3040: Failed to append patch archive to final executable

      I have tried running on a different machine, one of our dev servers which is running windows 2003 server, but visual patch 2 crashes on that... although I did try the version 3.0 demo and that runs.. but my automated build batch file does not... and of course it is only a demo...

      I'll try building them individually again but this is causing us major problems as we have a release which should have gone live friday, and I am still unable to get it done...

      Any ideas would be greatly welcomed