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Custom Icon Doesn't appear on Desktop

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  • Custom Icon Doesn't appear on Desktop

    My setup file has three .exe's, each with a custom icon to be placed on the desktop. Two of the three icons appear just fine. The next icon does not appear, even though I have done everything exactly as the other two. Any suggestions as to where to look for the source of this problem? (I've used SUF 6, 7, 8, 9, and 9.2 and never have had this prolem before.

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    I would carefully check the file used as icon, and see if there isn't a problem with the file, like an incorrect extension (not really being an icon), for example. Perhaps you could attach the file you are attempting to use as the icon? Also, you don't state if you are setting the icon via Lua script or using the File Properties dialog... there could be a mistake somewhere.