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  • Icon association with a particular .exe

    Where, in SUF (9.2), is a particular icon associated with a specific .exe? My project has 3 icons, each with a particular .exe. But where are these associated. (I've done this correctly in the past, but 87 year old memory has forgotten how?) I've used File Properties/Details/OpenWith - Change, then have browsed to the associated .exe in my %AppFolder% but this remembers the last designated.exe for all three icons. I know how to right-click on the icon on the desktop to access Properties, then designate the path to the associated .exe, but I can't expect my customers to do this. What am I missing (in my thought process)?

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    You have at least three options for setting up the desired icon for an application:
    1. When you build the executable, as a developer you normally can define the icon of the application in the development environment. This is used for almost any applications you know - they are all executables, but the show different icons when you inspect the file in Windows Explorer. The icon is stored in the application resources, where also the file and product versions are stored.
    2. If for any reason you software development environment does not allow setting a custom icon when you build the executable, then you can set the desired icon on the shortcut. You can do this directly in the Setup Factory IDE, in the File Properties dialog:

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    3. The third possibility is using Lua scripting. When you create the shortcuts on the target system via code, the action Shell.CreateShortcut() also allows you to set a custom icon for a file, as shown in this dialog:

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    As you can see, there is no need to manually set the desired icon on the shortcut via right click, as you can do this in multiple ways, or during the development of the application, or using settings in your installer.