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  • Multi Part ZipFiles Extract

    Hi , please help me on Arguments/Code.

    In Forumlink: are very good Example for extract multipartzipfiles. It have all elements onboard for learning me pieces that i need. In Selfstudy i understand 85% of Programm in example. But in screen "after installing" --> screenid "download" i have problems in actions under finishactions Line 3 "File.Run........"

    i create 5 zip files in name order
    i place 5 files in freedirectory and select this dir in select downloadfolder and select other freedir for extracted data of files.

    In nRes = File.Run(SessionVar.Expand("%TempLaunchFolder%\\7z a.exe"), ..... i replace %TempLaunchFolder% with %_SourceFolder%. 7za file in same directory as compiled programm

    if i run compiled programm all dialogs works fine but extraction of zip are not taked.
    Please help me with code example / correcting that i can exract multipartzip file. I have take many try on this and see no way at moment. I will not save false details in my head.

    Thank you for help

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    Download of file are not needed. Its on disk. In Zip file above is originalFile from the other Thread.


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      The sample project assumes that the extractor is a Primer file. If in your project the extractor is still a Primer file, then using %TempLaunchFolder% is correct, while using _SourceFolder is not. Also, there is no such thing as "%_SourceFolder%", as global variables do not use "%" as the delimiter. I strongly advise you to attempt to read the User's Guide before attempting to start your first project. Finally, when reporting difficulties, it helps if you attach the project file you used, and the corresponding installation log, so the exact error message can be seen.



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        I have read and correct my error and programmpart works good. English is not my motherspeech and difficult for me but i try step by step.