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  • ProgressBar

    Hi , i be back with next Qestion and before i read user guide.

    I need ProgressBar / Status of Progress of external Programm thats launched via..... "FileRun(SessionVar.Expand("%SourceFolder%\\unrar. exe") ......

    The "FileRun" Command not support CallbackFunktion. I can not use the Method i learned by you. Please tell me about the way to solve this possible or not.

    Other Way is a Progress Bar that only Filled Status from 0 percent to 100 percent itself looped in restricted timeintervall.

    I create ProgressBar in Screen ,Set Position with DlgProgressBar.SetPos and play with examples but no good result. I have no overview for ways to make this or better sayed not enough dream to construct in brain and translate with SFProgramm.

    please taake me in the right way that i can solve this.
    thank you

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    Update: i have make a dummybar but have Problem to assign the bar activity to active process in system. I have test System.Enumerate.Process examples but no result.

    code for dummybar is in picture


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      at time dummybar is for testing in help dialog. please no wonder about this. Now i experiment with Process Enumerate. The wish is: if programm "x" runs on pc the dummybar are active. If programm "x" are closed by itself dummybar must close. Until Count == 0 for endless Dummybar-activity and Upper for closes itself on countmax. Please tell about possible way to make this.
      I at time in wrong way. thank you


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        You should use a timer for this, not a loop. You can find a nice example here.



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          Hi Ulrich, thanks for example. I test but come not to good result. Dialog display after Programm running but not while Programm running. If there a way to make the dialogbar if programm runs?