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    I added the ability to uninstall the previous version of my application during installation. To do this, I added a progress screen at the end of the Before Installation set of screens. In the preload event, it looks in the install folder for uninstall.exe and the xml file in the uninstall subfolder and if it finds them, it runs the installer in the On Start event, otherwise it skips to Screen.Next. As far as I can tell, this is working fine. After the initial install, it all looks fine and uninstall.exe is in the app folder. I can uninstall the app with no problem. If I leave the existing version installed and install an update over it, I see it uninstalling the old version automatically first and the new version seems to install fine and works. However, now I can't uninstall the program anymore because uninstall.exe is gone from the app folder. I don't see in the log files exactly where uninstall.exe gets installed, so I'm guessing that it maybe gets copied to the app folder before the point where I'm uninstalling the old version and that deletes it.

    Is there some way I can change this that will prevent this from happening?


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    I found a solution myself. Adding the wait loop to make sure the uninstall file is gone as shown here: seems to do the trick.


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      good solution..