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Error: Uninstall former version (sMyUninstallInfo value null)

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  • Error: Uninstall former version (sMyUninstallInfo value null)

    Dear All,

    I'm using UIRich Uninstall former version.

    In fresh installation, I received the following error message. (please check attached image)
    "On pre Install, Line 3: attempt to index global 'sMyUninstallInfo' ( a nil value)"

    What I did in my setup program is as follows:
    1. As said in the website, I copy the source code in "on Pre Install"
    2. I modify the settings in the former version screen properties,states and default value.
    ie. Default value always "checked" and for the enable check box "uncheck".

    - This settings makes the user force to uninstall the former version.

    I think when I install the program newly, the value for sMyUninstallInfo is null. so this error occurs. But I don't know the solution how to fix.

    Please let me know how to fix this issue.

    Thanks a lot,

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    While I haven't used that script, and didn't install the screen, I took a peek at the v8 sample project. If on a new install, the screen is correctly skipped because it couldn't find the product, then it could be that the value of the variable bRequestedUninstall is not getting set, because the screen isn't being shown. So you could try setting that variable to false in the else statement of the screen for whether it's found or not (ie. before Screen.Next).



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      Hi Darryl,

      Thanks a lot.I fix this issue.

      Thanks again,