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Exception when uninstalling

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  • Exception when uninstalling

    Good morning,

    I need help with exception when uninstalling my application. This exception only occur in Windows 8 and 10.

    In a screen of uninstall and On Shutdown action, I delete installation folder. I delete registry key 'SOFTWARE\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Uni nstall\\ProductName' in On Shutdown action too. And the exception that I obtain is in the picture.

    If I change registry key, 'SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Curren tVersion\\Uninstall\\ProductName', when it is deleted, I don´t get excepcion. But I don´t understand why this change makes no exception.


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    First of all, which version of Setup Factory are you using? As your product maintenance expired in 2011, I suspect that you may be several versions behind the current release, and this could be one of the reasons for the error - version 9.0.3 has no support for Windows 8 or 10.

    Second, please do not use "Wow6432Node" in your scripting, ever. Microsoft stated that this name may be changed anytime, and your scripts would no longer work. If for any reason you need to have access to a different registry hive than what the bitness of the current application uses, then use the Wow64 plugin to bypass the registry redirection.

    Third, I suggest that you delete all custom registry values in the On Pre Uninstall script. If there are no leftovers in the registry key, the whole key will be undeleted at the end of the process, and there should be no need to explicitly attempt to remove it. In the same manner, you should not need to delete the installation folder, as this task is performed at the end of uninstallation. If your uninstaller is a child folder of the application, then the last screen may not show the side/top/background image(s). Instead, try to delete any files and/or folders which were not part of the initial package in the On Pre Uninistall script, and the whole application folder will be properly self-deleted at the end of the process.