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Running file once installation is completed

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  • Running file once installation is completed

    Hi all, I am new to this software, truth is we purchased it a couple of months ago but still haven't really used it until now.
    I have been looking for a simple solution to the following feature:
    Once the installation process is completed, I want a certain file (the setup file in this case) to launch immediately.
    It would be even better if a checkbox is included in the last step, asking if you would now like to launch the setup file.
    I guess this is a basic requirement, but I must admit I couldn't find out how to do that.
    Would appreciate your help.

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    Hello, please have a look at this post:

    This post was made in Windows XP days, today you will need to copy the folder to C:\ProgramData\IndigoRose\Setup Factory\9.0\Screens

    In the On Next event script, modify the script so you use File.Run() or Shell.Execute() to run the desired application.



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      Hi, I followed your instructions, and indeed I now get the required screen, but I can't seem to launch the file, which is an HTML file.
      Under the On Next tab the following code is included:

      if check01 then
      File.Run("%AppFolder%\\setup\mta_startansicht.html ")

      Now, I guess the syntax is wrong, so I'd appreciate your comments.

      Also, the checkbox default status should be checked.



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        You cannot run an HTML file - the better option is using File.Open() or Shell.Execute() to "open" it instead (using the default viewer). Also, as a beginner, I recommend that you use the Action Wizard to create the Lua script (with the Add Action button), or take the time to at least read the documentation of the action you wish to use, until you become more familiar with the syntax and the arguments. If you use a Session Variable as an argument, you need to expand it first with SessionVar.Expand(). Finally, there is a missing backslash in the file path.

        File.Open(SessionVar.Expand("%AppFolder%\\setup\\mta_startansicht.html"), "", SW_SHOWNORMAL);


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          Thanks, it's working fine now.