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Packages SUF9.5 and association with packages's item question

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  • Packages SUF9.5 and association with packages's item question

    I just purchased SUF9 and after reviewing this section forum looking for answers and helpfile first I came here to ask and post one question about a doubt:

    if I create a screen with several packages (with or without sections) and then link every package's item to a link download from host server (ftp, ftps, https, or http or whatever) how do I link each of them to a download link? What kind of actions should I use for? Is there any way to attach the Text part (as visible data) to the Data part (as hidden but linkied or stored data on it) like it does internally combobox or listbox?


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    You can check which packages have been selected in two manners:

    You can determine which category has been selected using the DlgSelectPackages.GetCategoryProperties() action. This would be used in the screen itself.
    You can also determine the states of individual packages using the SetupData.GetPackageProperties() action, which can be used at any point later, for example in the On Pre Install event script.

    Based on the result of these actions, you can decide which files should be downloaded by the installer.



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      Hi Ulrich, I think you are referring to creating categories and their packages or simply creating packages with no categories by using in first place their corresponding control's properties and then use those actions you mentioned to do to perfom all taks related to packages, is this correct?


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        Yes, you can check for the state of the control, and perform the download actions for the options which were selected, via script.



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          Ok thanks for the info and help!