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  • Setup factory update setup package installer


    We have created an installer that install the application. Now we have a requirement that same installer can be used to update the same application if it's already installed. So how can we achieve this feature in Setup factory.

    Is there a way can have an option similar to Repair function , where we can reinstall the application or repair the application.

    Thanks' N Regards,
    Bilal Khan

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    Hello Team,

    Awaiting for your response.

    Thanks in Advance.


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      You made the same question in a support ticket, and it was entered there on the same day.



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        Ulrich, i too have the same question. Is there a way for me to see your response to this?


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          The project file was not provided, so only generic recommendations could be given. Here is what I answered:
          If you planned to allow that the user performs a re-install of the product with a newer version, overwriting the current release, then you most likely added a value in the registry holding the folder path where the product was deployed on the user's system. Also, you need to have a unique registry key for the uninstaller for all releases, or you will have multiple entries in the Programs and Features dialog, meaning that your unique key should not have the %ProductVer% in it.

          In your setup, you would typically query the value you saved, and then set this as the %AppFolder%, instead of offering the Select Install Folder screen. Also, the Select Shortcut Folder most likely should not be shown in the case of an upgrade or reinstallation.