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How to perform Silent Install for All Users?

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  • How to perform Silent Install for All Users?

    I have created an installer that by default is used in the GUI mode, but I have now also enabled the "Enable silent/unattended install" option for some of our customers.

    When in GUI mode the user is able to select to install shortcuts for "current user" or "All Users"

    However when I install silently from the command line using /S the installer always installs the shortcuts for the current user only.

    Please can you advise me how I can perform a silent install for all users?

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    You could change the default setting in your project:

    Click image for larger version

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    The default setting will be used in a silent install, and will be the default for an interactive install (but can be changed by the user at runtime).

    If you rather prefer controlling this via script, in your On Startup event script, I suggest that you check the state of the global _SilentInstall variable. If it is set, then you could set the _UsePerUserFolder to false, so the shortcuts are created for all users of the target system.

    If you also want to enable silent per user installs, you could also control the _UsePerUserFolder variable with a custom command line argument of your choice. Parse the provided command line arguments in On Startup, then set the variable accordingly if the expected argument was provided.

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