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oledlg.dll error with Windows Server 1709

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  • oledlg.dll error with Windows Server 1709


    We are currently considering renewing our Setup Factory license to use version 9.5. Currently we are using version 9.2.

    However, we have been stumbling over a bug with the new Windows Server, version 1709 and I'd like to know if this bug still exists in version 9.5 of Setup Factory.

    Our setups have been running nice and smoothly all the time, but unfortunately none of them is compatible with the new Windows Server, version 1709. The setup process is claiming oledlg.dll was missing right after executing the setup.
    Since the new Windows Server versions are Core versions, said DLL is not shipped with the OS anymore.
    We are running our setups in silent mode and unattended and our whole process chain is broken due to the error window popping up.

    Was this problem adressed in any of the previous updates of Setup Factory? If not, are you aware of this bug and/or do you have any workarounds or do you plan fixing this in a newer version of Setup Factory?

    As I said, we'd be willing to renew our subscription and update to Setup Factory 9.x if this problem was solved.

    I am looking forward to your reply.

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    Windows 2016 can be installed as "Core" or "Desktop Experience". I believe that the DLL is installed if you select the Desktop version, and then the setup should work normally as before. The developers are now aware of your report regarding the issue on Core server, and may reply here on this matter.

    Click image for larger version

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      This is not true for the most recent windows server version. Windows Server, version 1709, which was released last week, only supports core installations of datacenter and standard edition.


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        You are correct, according to the docs I found, the most recent version is indeed no longer offering the Desktop Experience option. I was only able to find the previous version as an evaluation download, where the option still exists.


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          We also need a solution to this issue. We're using SF 9.5, and a native 64bit installation app. I'd really rather not have to create a new installer using something else just to install on Server Core.


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            We found that if we just copy a version of oledlg.dll from a fully up-to-date Windows 10 computer to the same folder as the installer, it will now run.


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              we can't really use this as the recommended method. I'm a little surprised that the wrapper exe that unpacks the actual installer even requires this dll, is it not possible to check linkage on this to see if the dependency can be removed? We can then include the dll perhaps in our installer as a dependency module, but if the installer wrapper won't even load, we're dead in the water or having to support each customer with instructions for Server Core.