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How to Install and updated version of a .dll

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  • How to Install and updated version of a .dll

    During install, I need to install a new version of an Active X dll. It has the same name as the old version. I assume the old version file needs to be Unregistered, then deleted. Then the new file needs to be copied into the System folder and registered. Will just including the new .dll file in the install and checking the box "Register supported COM interfaces" accomplish that?

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    If the new version has a higher version number than the existing one, the current file will be overwritten and the new version will be registered. The is no need to worry about the unregistration of the previous version.
    If the new file has the same version number and is just from a newer date, the installation of this file may be skipped, if you use the default settings. Check the installation log file for details.