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  • Setup dialog icon change

    Hi Ulrich,

    Before upgrading I wanted to know if this bug is solved.

    I have version 9.3.1 and trying to change the setup dialog icon nothing changes. I was able to change the setup file icon but not the dialog one.

    Opening back the Project advanced properties the custom icon checkbox is unchecked and the icon file is not selected.

    In the XML project file I checked in the following changes:


    <SourcePath>C:\ProgramData\IndigoRose\Setup Factory\9.0\Themes\Eyeshot 11\setup.ico</SourcePath>

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    I have built many, many Setup Factory projects in the past years, and never needed to edit the project XML file directly to set the icon for the setup or the dialog. There are two places where these icons are set, and if the icon file is well formed, it worked every time. I suggest that you download and try the current evaluation version, as I have no idea what you are doing and why you would not get the expected result without editing the project file manually.



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      Hi Ulrich,

      Here is what I am talking about:

      This is the reason why I am checking XML. Can you replicate it on your side?

      If not can you share your test project XML to see what's different from mine?




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        I do not get this strange behavior, the setting of the icon is permanent here. Can you replicate it with a new, empty project, where you just added the icon as a primer file? If it does not happen with a new project, then this might suggest that there is an issue with the current project file, perhaps some kind of inconsistency or corruption. If you still get the same, then please check with the current trial version.



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          Thanks Ulrich,

          It works properly with an empty project. So upgrading would not help. I need to check what broke the project file.