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Are EV Code Signing Certificates supported?

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  • Are EV Code Signing Certificates supported?

    I hope so, because I just paid for a 3-year one, because we are having way too many problems with our installs using a standard OV certificate. (EV is "extended validation", which should always pass Microsoft SmartScreen filters.)

    Is there anything special I need to do in the SetupFactory configuration to support an EV certificate as opposed to an OV one?

    Dan Cooperstock [email protected]

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    I would try to keep the signing settings with the standard cert, which will be used for the setup and uninstall runtimes. Then, add a call to a batch file in the Run After Build project setting, where you can code sign the finished installer using the EV cert. I believe that SmartScreen checks for the reputation of a file about to be downloaded, so having the EV signature on that self-extracting executable itself should address your issues. This batch file would trigger the appearance of a dialog prompting you to enter the cert's password - EV certs cannot be used in unattended operations, as far as I know. At least in this manner, you will be prompted only once for the password, instead of having to enter the password for the installer runtime, the uninstaller, and the self-extractor, should you attempt to use the EV cert for everything.