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HTTP.TestConnection v CheckConnection.exe

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  • HTTP.TestConnection v CheckConnection.exe

    We have been using MindQuake's CheckConnection.exe utility for a long time to determine if we have access to the internet against our own website's address. Recently we have been getting failures at some client sites. At present I don't know exactly why but we did switch to using https earlier in the year to compile with changes that Google Chrome and other browsers are introducing this year.

    However, I have also observed that the utility fails with Therefore should we:

    1. be switching to use the HTTP.TestConnection action, and
    2. will there be a new action, HTTPS.TestConnection, to test for https sites in a future release of SUF?

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    After CheckConnection, I implemented the method used by Microsoft's Network Connectivity Status Indicator (NCSI). Basically, it checks for working DNS and downloads a file, comparing the content against the expected result. If both tests succeed, it is assumed that the PC has a working internet connection. The code is attached (the forum did not allow posting it or attaching without zipping).

    Please try this alternative and report back if this works better.

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      Thanks Ulrich. I will try this out and report back.


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        TBS you might want to check this thread out to see the bug. This is the same issue you will have no doubt on any clients machines who's never run the action script or test connection.

        Basically, it waits 31s before a file will even download on first time run, and if your using a test connection on a PC that's never run test connection before then it will wait 20 seconds regardless the time out that's been set.