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Packages - a variable for "allow user to change"?

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  • Packages - a variable for "allow user to change"?

    Hello Ulrich!
    My installer is designed for a few platforms (programs). A user selects one in the Radio Buttons window, then he is able to choose some settings in the Packages window. But is it possible to make some packages unavailable to user depending on what he has selected in the Radion Buttons window? Using add_package = {Install=true}; I am able to select & install particular packages depending on which Radio Buttons are selected but is it possible to edit the settings of the packages depending on a variable? I mean something like this:

    If Radio Button #3 is selected, change package ID#7 "allow user to change" setting to OFF.

    The result - when user selects Radio Button #3 he won't be able to operate the "tick". But if f/e Radio Button #4 is selected he would be able to tick/untick a package.
    Is it possible? Thanks for your help!

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    I attached two samples here, one without and one with categories. The second uses DlgSelectPackages.SetCategoryProperties(), and both use SetupData.SetPackageProperties() to control the individual packages. It depends on your setup which one is more appropriate for your case. They should be easy enough to understand...

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      Amazing support, thanks!!!


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        Works perfectly, thanks you so much!

        Just one more thing - I wish to get a package install status in the end of the install to do some other stuff depending on if it is installed or not. My guess is that Install = SetupData.GetPackageProperties("Core"); would be used? So if installed, the result would be just "true"? What would be the correct way of doing:

        If [Install = SetupData.GetPackageProperties("Core");] = true do [something] ?


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          You would use something like this:
          if SetupData.GetPackageProperties("PackageName").Install then
              -- Package was selected for installation


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            Great! Thank you very very much!