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  • variable

    Hello, tell me, what variable should I use for exe to unpack the archive in the same folder?

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    %SourceFolder% will do the trick mate.


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      Hi. Something does not work out gives an error, tell me what's wrong.


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        Well, it does actually tell you right there. That the 5th argument must be a "string". You've left it set to nil. That's not a string - it's a reserved keyword for an empty value.

        Normally, you'd change it to whatever variable name you intend assigning to your callback function. If you're not using a callback function, just name it to something that's a string. (eg. "MyFunction", "MyString", "MyUselessVariable").

        Nb. Must be enclosed in parenthesis. ie. ""

        Why are u using the ZipEx plugin? Why not just use the SUF native Zip plugin?


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          Originally posted by me View Post
          Nb. Must be enclosed in parenthesis. ie. ""
          Sorry, meant to say 'enclosed by quotemarks', not parenthesis.


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            I did this as in the screenshot but unpacked only two empty folders.
            Can you give an exact example.


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              There's a ZipEx Example Demo.apz packed with the ZipEx plugin. The demo is for AMS but the same code applies to SUF. So you should already actually have this demo. But if you don't, it's attached below.

              I should have mentioned earlier, that you can also express that 5th argument as an empty string. (ie. "")

              Point to note, too:
              I'm not sure who wrote the ZipEx plugin (Ulrich, I think? Thought I saw MindQuake mentioned in there somewhere). I'm not sure why he coded it to respond to the nil keyword in that way. But you'll find that if you use the native SUF Zip plugin instead, changing the nil value to an empty string becomes unnecessary.
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