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/NOINIT This command line option hides the "initializing..." dialog

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  • /NOINIT This command line option hides the "initializing..." dialog

    Hello, can anyone please help and tell me how I can make this initializing screen dialog vanish or not show up when launching?
    It says in the help file the following. But I have no idea how to pass this /NOINIT to the Setup.exe when actually building it? /NOINIT

    This command line option hides the "initializing..." dialog that appears when extracting dependency or primer files at the beginning of the install.

    I don't know how to write anything inside these _CommandLineArgs

    If someone could please let me know how to complete this insane task It would be appreciated? Maybe I'm missing a GUI button tickbox somewhere
    that just says turn off initializing dialog like in AMS at build time? Tried building the setup and making it in build options like Setup.exe /NOINIT but this doesn't work.

    Surely, this has to be something simple without having to write out 40 lines of LUA code in some _CommandLineArgs script no?

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    Sorry, the advert in the first post has completely messed up the post format and layout. I do apologize.


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      This is a runtime command line argument, not something you will use during the build. In other words, you will pass this argument to the setup.exe when actually running it from the command line on the target system.



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        So there's no way to disable that "initializing screen" then from inside the build is what your saying Ulrich?


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          I guess so right since when ever I seem to be I just get completely ignored.