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Pass command line arguments to the setup.exe? How? From where?

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  • Pass command line arguments to the setup.exe? How? From where?

    I've read this page in the manual now with several others from here [not mentioning names :P] and none of us can seem to grasp where we do this at?
    In the manual it says the following. But it doesn't tell you where you put these commands? Or even how they are passed to the same setup.exe your building?

    We've tried adding Setup.exe /switch on the build dialog window, we've tried adding this in the post/pre build, before and after tab.
    Everywhere we try and pass these "switches" it errors saying built files need to end in exe. or it just doesn't fit where it should.

    There's no command line input box in Advanced Settings tab so it doesn't go there next to UN-Attended/Silent install?

    If a few of us are scratching our heads at this, then I'm sure a lot of other people are as well, or just too scared to ask.
    There's been multiple threads about this I've found in google pointing back to this kind of situation. And nobody has got any further!

    For example. A guy asked here setup-factory-7-0/18239-remove-replace-the-initializing-mini-splash the same question and Brett one of the IR staff answered

    Pass "/NOINIT" as a command line option to the setup.exe when running it.

    There wasn't a reply then from anyone else, or the poster. Telling the user to Pass "/NOINIT" as a command line option to the setup.exe when running it doesn't help.
    That information doesn't help anymore than the help file that says /NOINIT This command line option hides the "initializing..." dialog that appears when extracting dependency or primer files at the beginning of the install.

    Can someone jump in, even the people who made this software and give some real world examples of how you pass commands to the same Setup.exe you are building?
    Because saying pass /NOINIT as a command line option as an answer, is like saying oh that key you found opens that door goodbye. What door? Where is the door the key opens?

    We need to know where, or even how to pass these commands to the setup. I'm speaking for a bunch of people here who's a little afraid of coming forward and asking this.

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    For building software installers, basic knowledge of Windows is required. Perhaps a picture helps: Click image for larger version

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      So, there's no way of passing this command into the "actual build" to kill that initializing screen? I fail to see the point in saying you can disable that screen dialog in the help file, then find out it's only if your running that setup.exe from another installer? That's just backwards. You want to be-able to hide the screen in the current setup.exe lol not make another setup installer just to be-able to hide the screen of the real setup installer. What kind of backwards logic is that?


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        So what your saying is this... a user who is building their setup installer, needs then for their users to then launch their setup installer with something else first lol
        So either another setup.exe to launch setup.exe just to pass the /NOINT? I really am confused here as is all the others who's reading this as well.

        Hello user if you don't want to see the initializing screen, or you want the setup installer to launch in a different folder than temp don't double click on the setup.exe
        first open command line make sure you run it as administrator lol then type the path where the setup installer is, then pass a /S or /NOINT command to it yourself

        When did i leave planet earth?


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          I would like a confirmation that I'm correct in saying to pass command line arguments to the installer the user you gave the installer to would have to open the command line or make a batch file to then run the installer and pass the /switch to the installer right?

          If I am correct please tell me what user would say go to to download someone's setup installer for a program then find out to extract the installer to another path, or pass some other command to the installer they would indeed have to go to CMD and do what's in that picture, or make a bat file and put in the "/" switches? Doesn't this seem a little odd Mr Developer?