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Using Setup Factory for both new and update installations

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  • Using Setup Factory for both new and update installations

    We currently use Setup Factory for new installations and Visual Patch for update installations. Due to various reasons, we are not patching any files any more - we always replace! Since it is always a file replace, is is possible to achieve both using Setup Factory? i.e If the installer detects an existing installation, it will switch to update mode or else i will proceed with a fresh installation.
    Any guidance to accomplish this would be appreciated.

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    Of course this can be done. It is important that your installer always uses the same "unique registry key" (see the uninstaller / Control Panel settings). If you have %ProductVer% in the unique registry key, this needs to removed, or you will see duplicates of the product in the list of installed applications (Programs and Features).
    In the startup of the setup, look for the registry key of your application. If found, set a boolean to control the behavior of the rest of the installer, avoiding the deployment of files which could override user preferences, for example. You can use the boolean in conditions for deployment of files, or you can use it to skip certain screens.