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Install 64 Bit App requiring 64 Bit OS version only

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  • Install 64 Bit App requiring 64 Bit OS version only

    We are switching our app to 64 bit only and require a 64 bit Windows - Windows 10. There is a simple dialog requiring specific OS versions, but I could not find anything related to 32 vs 64 bit. Can I do this in a canned function/dialog or do I have to do it in LUA?

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    You could build your installer as a native 64-bit setup: Build Settings - Setup File - Platform. By building a 64-bit setup, it cannot be run/installed in 32-bit environments.
    If you build a 32-bit setup, you can show an error dialog to let the user know about the wrong platform, if you include a custom script for this in your On Startup event script. However, please note that Setup Factory will read/write into the 32-bit registry in this case and install the application into the 32-bit version of ProgramFiles, unless you use my custom Wow64 plugin.

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      Thanks. That solves other issues, too! Migrating is not always easy.
      I presume to read registry keys from a 32 bit install we would look at the WOW6432Node explicitly.
      I also need to modify the dependency for Flash install to the Pepper player and 32bit context.


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        If you need to access the 32-bit registry from a 64-bit setup, or the 64-bit registry from a 32-bit setup, you need to use the Wow64 plugin, or wait until this feature is added to Setup Factory eventually. You should never attempt to access the 32-bit hive location by its current name, because it may change at any moment. Microsoft provided proper software interfaces for interacting with the registry views, which are being used in the plugin.