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  • Blurry font

    How can I improve the font of the whole setup body? It is blurry as shown in the attached screenshot. The setup title and even setup factory itself and all other programs are sharp? I tried the project theme fonts but they don't solve the problem. I'm using Windows 10 on Parallels on my MAC with 2880 x 1800

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    Here's another screenshot
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      Setup Factory is not high DPI aware, however the next release will attempt to make fonts a little less blurry on high resolution displays. You can try if this helps: Right click the executable, go to Properties. Click the Compatibility tab, then the Change high DPI settings button. In High DPI scaling override, enable and select "System (Enhanced)". This requires Windows 10, release 1703 or newer.



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        Hi Ulrich,

        Thanks for your quick response.

        I did a lot of tests and figured out that the Enhanced mode fixes the font of the controls like radio button text or even path selector which is good, although it works only with the newest Windows 10 as you said. The font would be perfect if I select "Application" in the settings. However, then also the default dialog size of 497 x 362 is displayed extremely small on a 2880 width resolution. So I also played with using a higher size in the project theme which would help for high dpi, but is problematic when used on small dpi. BTW: With high dpi it's impossible to build a custom dialog in SUF as it is far too small in the designer.

        Overall, thanks for trying to improve. I would be happy to test a beta once you have one.



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          I just noticed that InnoSetup creates setups with perfect font. As it is open source maybe you might find it useful to take a look at it to figure out how they solved it.