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  • Custom Fonts Problem


    I am working on modernizing the setup screens. The problem I have is to use Custom Font (Calibri 11 and Calibri Bold 12) and languages such as Chinese, Russian or Polish. Rare characters or squares are displayed having the language for non-Unicode programs changed on the control panel.

    Thanks in advance

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    Make sure that you also select the proper font script (Western, Cyrillic, etc.) for the objects.

    Click image for larger version

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      Hi Urlich.

      Thank you for answering me so fast.

      I have a single .suf file and we use it to install in 22 languages ​​and in the Font Script property I can only select one option. If I select Cyrilic will I look good Western?
      The texts of the installer screens are obtained from XML files.
      I am using a Theme and that is where I try to change the font with UseCustomFont = true


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        If you need to support multiple languages with different scripts, I advise you to avoid the use of custom fonts. If you leave the Windows default font, then the proper script should be selected automatically. You cannot set the font script via code at runtime, so you would need to have multiple versions of the same screen, one for each script, and show the proper one when the setup is executed. Additionally, you may not be able to have a single project with both Russian and Chinese, for example, as you may encounter XML decoding errors at runtime.