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Installer hangs at the very end.

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  • Installer hangs at the very end.

    I've made several versions of my installer saving each .suf file for each version and all have worked fin expect my last iteration of my version installs everything fine, no errors, yet irsetup.exe crashes at the end and hangs and will not close itself. I have to force close.

    Using the debug window to try to find the issue.....

    The debug window goes all the way to end of the On Shutdown (which only has the default code and then hangs there is no code left to execute. So I'm at a loss as to why it rashes at the very end when there is no script left to run. I've also reverted changes I made in the .suf compared to the .suf that doesn't have a problem and it still crashes.

    Any thoughts as to what could be going wrong and where to look?

    Thank you.

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    Found the issue, ODBC connection was still open at the end of the installation causing the installer to hang after clicking finish. Previous build I used a different ODBC driver that seemed to not care that it wasn't disconnected. I had to change drivers to support TLS 1.2.