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Making an all-in-one installer

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  • Making an all-in-one installer

    After having built a successful installer/uninstaller I now find myself needing to build an installer that will both upgrade a previous version as well as a new install. I'm not sure where to begin. I'm thinking that "Packages" will do what I need but not sure. I don't need the user to interact with the upgrade process. Some components do not need to be upgraded/reinstalled i.e. Apache Tomcat, but the Apache ROOT folder will and some other files as well as new SQL scripts to run. I read in the Help CHM I can manipulate the Packages without user interaction but not sure where to put that code. tbMyTable = {Install=true}; SetupData.SetPackageProperties(My_PackageID, tbMyTable);

    Looking for some direction on what SUF feature to use or method in SUF to employ to make an an all-in-one installer that checks if previous version installed and replace certain files and if no install found install everything.