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Problem with Lua5.1.dll and temp-folder

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  • Problem with Lua5.1.dll and temp-folder

    Setup works fine when setup.exe is saved to some folder on desktop.
    But when run and open setup from web-browser download, the setup.exe will be saved to the Temp-folder.
    This causes an issue in the last stage of setup "Creating uninstall".
    Error-message appears:
    "Could not open (or read) the uninstall-file:
    was not found"

    Seems that the lua5.1.dll in tempfolder was removed before last stage of setup "Creating uninstall".
    I cannot find how to fix this?

    Anders K

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    You didn’t mention what OS and browser you are using or what version of Setup Factory, but it sounds like either your web browser is sand boxing the ‘run’ or your antivirus or firewall software is basically doing the same. I’m also guessing that you haven’t code signed your software files and/or the installer using Setup Factory’s code signing options and a singing cert.

    Current versions of Windows, browsers and av apps take a ‘guilty until proven innocent’ approach to web downloads. First they distrust the URL until they have seen many (hundreds? Thousands? They don’t say) people actually download the file without trouble. Then, they expect you to have signed the files using a current sha256 code signing certificate. An extended validation cert can speed up this “trust” process if you are hosting files that don’t get a lot of traffic.

    tldr: your OS, browser or antivirus software is deleting or blocking access to files that setup factory is expecting to use. Use the code signing options and then get your software white listed by whatever processes/apps are blocking that access.
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      Thanks, it is latest version 9.5.3. The setup has been downloaded about 1500 times and I think this happened to probably about 100 of them. (the URL has been the same for about 5000 downloads, but fileversion has changed)
      Now when you pointed out some possible issues, I tested this:
      (tested at Windows 10, setup.exe is signed with sha256 (Comodo), and no antivirus or firewall besides Windows)

      Firefox 70.0.1 (64-bit) - does not work, see first post: "Could not open (or read) the uninstall-file"
      Internet Explorer 11 = works fine.
      Google Chrome (Version 78.0.3904.97 ) = works fine.

      So this only appears in Firefox.

      I see that I used to have McAfee WebAdvisor Extension - but removed that. And that did not help.

      I guees this would happen to other also, using Firefox 70.0.1, downloading and run setup. Can you reproduce it?
      I cannot see what Firefox are doing here, could contact them if they would like to look at it?

      Anders K