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Setup Screens Border doesn't show when display is scaled at 125%

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  • Setup Screens Border doesn't show when display is scaled at 125%


    I'm using the latest Setup Factory v9.5.3.0 under Win10 x64 and when the display is scaled at 120% the setup dialogs are missing bottom border (including when you do a window preview from screen editor). If scaled more than 125% then the right border of the dialog doesn't display. The same happens in the Setup Factory itself on some dialogs, see the attached screenshots.

    Is there any way to fix this? I thought this was fixed in and I've gone ahead and purchased the upgrade just to be able to fix this. Your release notes says "Fix: Enabled GDI scaling on Windows 10 (1703) or later for Setup Factory's design environment. This improves how the interface looks in high dpi environments.", but seems that the issue is still present or not related with this problem?

    Thanks, Razvan

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    AutoPlay Media Studio and Setup Factory are not DPI-aware applications, they ask the operating system to resize the dialogs and windows to scale the content on high DPI displays, so they are more readable. This operation is performed directly by the operating system, and it is possible that a pixel is missing after the resizing due to rounding errors. This happens to other non DPI-aware applications as well, and should not have any impact on the proper working of the application itself.

    Just another screenshot, from an application provided by a different vendor, showing the same behavior, where you can also see that the blue line is missing on the bottom and the right:

    Click image for larger version

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      Too bad that Setup Factory is not DPI-aware, our apps that get installed are and the setup isn't, doesn't look good for business.... But it really does a great job as a Setup and almost satisfies all my needs... Do you have any plans to make it DPI-aware? Otherwise I may have to look for alternatives as things change and we need to keep up...