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Creating an Installer Which can be Interactive and Silent

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  • pjames88
    The actions performed in the screesn are mostly
    1. Collecting user data and choices
    2. Validating some user choices (this includes talking to database systems)
    We also allow our end users to choose different installation path by choosing from various options from the screen. Installer sets various session variables accordingly.

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  • Ulrich
    What kind of actions are performed in the screens, which could not be delayed and executed once the deployment starts (On Pre Install)? An optionally silent install procedure needs to be planned from the start, by implementing functions, parsing of command line arguments, etc. as needed.


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  • Creating an Installer Which can be Interactive and Silent

    We have heavy investment on Setup Factory and it has been going on smoothly until one of our customers asked us about the possibility of a Silent Installer. After looking at your documentation, i was a bit disappointed when i saw the warning "Screen actions will only be executed if screens are displayed, therefore when run in silent mode, no screen actions will be executed.". On top of that, i also came across a post from the forum that in silent mode only "On Startup", "Pre Install", "Post Install" & "On Shutdown" are executed(
    The problem is that we already have a lot of code written in "On PreLoad", "On Next" & "On Ctrl Message" (very rarely) screen event handlers.

    How do I make my installer compatible with both interactive and silent modes, without duplicating code?