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Running SF Silent installer with .bat commands run as a system service

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  • Running SF Silent installer with .bat commands run as a system service


    TLDR: .bat run as a SYSTEM service at startup cannot run our setup factory silent installer without hitting IRSETUP errors or installing incorrectly

    I have recently been trying to run our silent Setup Factory installer but from a .bat file containing the silent commands that is a background system service at startup. Running the .bat locally is fine and performs the installation, running the .bat in the background as a user account and service as interactive mode (like with PsExec) also works. However when trying to run it as the SYSTEM account and as Session 0 (not Session 1 ect.. for user accounts) I get an IRSETUP error, Parameter was not correct. Best guess is that there is something amiss with the environment variables its trying to access.

    When run as normal user account but still as Session 0 I also get different results. The silent installer now runs without the IRSETUP error, however our application components do not install correctly and none of them launch after installation, they will be able to launch after a system restart.

    Does anyone know what could be going on here to cause issues with Setup Factory installers run in this way. Perhaps they are never intended to be run in this way and it is not possible, or it is possible and there are other steps that need to be taken in order for this to be possible.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Your suspicion that the product was never intended to be run as a service is correct. The same applies to all other products, such as TrueUpdate, Visual Patch and AutoPlay Media Studio.