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    Are there any known issues with running a SUF installer on Windows Server 2019?

    My installer adds a Windows Service which works fine on all versions of Windows from XP to Windows 10. But installing on Windows Server 2019 fails to run the EXE packaged within.
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    Initially it was looking like Windows Server 2019 was having a problem running the installer due to lack of support, especially after I found that I had difficulty running that installer manually. But after managed to hit on the right combination for running an EXE with an additional parameter (for password) it did install and initiate the service.

    So what the problem now seems to now be is, an inability to pass on admin rights to the secondary installer, because one needs to use "Run as Administrator" to begin, and those rights are not passed. I found that this was a problem when creating a silent installer for network admins to install on multiple computers, even when using an MSI... the admin rights are not passed onto for running the included packages.

    But there must be a way...
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