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  • Struggling with Packages

    I am created a product installation project. I have added my individual setup executables using Add Files. Created Packages for each setup executable and assigned a separate package using file properties. The customer will only be able to select one installation at a time. I then created a Packages Screen. I only want to execute a setup executable when a listed package is selected, so I unchecked each "Install this package". I believe I am only looking for three clarifications (so far).
    1. I do not want the "Next" button to be active unless they select a particular package
    2. I want to limit to one random selection (only be able to select one product (package)
    3. I need to understand what code goes in the Action>On Next tab to load and execute the selected package.

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    While it is possible to achieve what you want, the Select Packages dialog does not use the controls for the desired operation and will create a confusion user interface. A checkbox control is always used for options, and multiple choices. The checkbox shown in this dialog is there to allow the user the selection of any number of options - a single or multiple package can be checked for installation.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	SCRN-2020-09-18-01.png Views:	1 Size:	33.6 KB ID:	305490

    It is easy enough to control the Next button, so it becomes disabled if none or multiple packages were selected for installation, but as I mentioned, this is not how this control is supposed to be used in interfaces. For single choice selections, the radiobutton control should be used. I suggest that you use a Radio Buttons screen, or a Custom screen and list your options there. It will be clear that only one option can be selected.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	SCRN-2020-09-18-02.png Views:	1 Size:	33.7 KB ID:	305491

    In the attached project file, you can see how in control the state of the Next button of the Select Packages screen in the On Ctrl Message event script.

    You can also see in the On Preload event script of the Radio Buttons screen how to extract the package names and descriptions, and use them for setting the captions of the radiobutton controls. The number of radiobuttons is adjusted according to the number of packages. In the On Ctrl Message event script of this screen, I update the state of the packages, so if you jump back to the previous screen, you will see the latest selection reflected there (what was set via radiobutton). You can jump back and forth between the two screens and should see the change done in the previous screen.

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