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StatusDlg - problems with title and text

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  • StatusDlg - problems with title and text


    In Actions-On stratup I have a statusDLG that shows a text and a progress bar that I am updating depending on the checks and actions that I perform. The problem is that if next to the setup I have a folder, the text is updated with the path of said folder and in the title it says "searching" (as it says in the attached image). How can i fix this?

    Thanks in advance.
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    If you use actions which may take time to complete, they may support the StatusDlg and custom callbacks - check the documentation and read about the actions you are using. You appear to be using the File.Find() action in your script. If the StatusDlg is being shown, and you do not define a custom callback function for processing the progress information, then the StatusDlg will be updated while the search is performed. This will happen in the same manner with a sub folder in the same location of the setup or not - the difference is that the text will stay on the screen long enough for you to see it if there are enough files being searched.



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      Thank you very much for answering.

      I have solved it as you have told me, I have created a callback function to use in File.Find ().