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  • File.RunAs Access Denied

    Hi, I'm trying to run some powershell and vbs scripts which I beleive require administrataor permissions.

    However when I try to use File.RunAs and provide an admin account credentials, I receive back an Access Denied error code, I know that the username and password that I'm providing to this function are correct, so I do not know why I'm getting an access denied error.

    It should be mentioned that the installer I've created is being launched silently from a service which is running with local system account, on a Windows 10 machine.

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    Setup Factory is not designed to be run from a service account. I have seen reports of several strange issues when people run an installer from a service, and it would not be surprise if this is your issue as well. I assume you do not see any problems when you run the setup from an interactive desktop session?