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A few questions before purchasing

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  • A few questions before purchasing

    Hello all!

    We're considering Setup Factory for our company's needs, but I'd like to clarify a few things.

    1. What is the yearly licensing fee after the initial buy?

    2. Our software is pretty large. When trying the Setup Factory trial, the package came in at ~5.3GB. I found an earlier post about options for this: segmenting the install process and/or using WinZip or equivalent to zip the files. Is there a way to include an auto-unzip function so that the end user doesn't have to download WinZip and do it themselves?

    3. Our software requires the latest Visual C++ Redistributables to work correctly. How would this work with the installation process?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Hello Cory,
    1. There is no yearly license to be paid. You can pay for product maintenance and technical support, but this is optional. You can find further explanations here:
    2. Setup Factory ships with a plugin which can decompress Zip archives. However, for huge installers, I recommend (and this is my personal opinion) that you build a stub - a small installer which then can download the multiple parts of the large segmented installer from your web server, and finally starts that setup, once all files were successfully transferred.
    3. I have developed independently multiple Visual C/C++ dependencies, and every user of Setup Factory can also create his/her own dependency modules as needed. What I find works best is to include the vc_redist.exe (the version you need) as a Primer File, check the target system for the existence of the VC runtime, and if not found, install it before or after deploying your files. The way Setup Factory deploys required technologies - before even showing the first screen of the installer - is not approved by all customers. One could abort the installation of the product for not agreeing with the licensing terms, but at this point the VC runtime could already have been installed without need. Setup Factory gives you the flexibility to build the installer exactly how you need or want to perform the tasks.


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      Thanks so much for the quick response!

      The ZIP will be necessary, as some of our clients can't access the internet from their computers for security reasons. Installs and future updates will most likely come in the form of external drives, so we would have to be able to compress as much as possible.