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How to block during a silent install

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  • How to block during a silent install

    I'm working on refracting an installer to make it work silently as well as interactively. One big requirement is that when the installer is run that it blocks the command line until complete. Right now, when I run "Installer.exe" /S:setupvars.ini" it immediately returns a command prompt.

    As a work around I was able to call it from a .cmd file, which does block, but this isn't ideal and I would prefer a more native solution.

    I'm supporting Windows Server 2016 and 2019+

    Apologies if this has been asked before, I'm somewhat new to Setup Factory, and so far haven't found a solution.

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    Setup Factory by default will construct a self-extracting installer. Once the installer runtime and the required resources (primer files, dependencies, images) were decompressed, a new process is spawned, starting the installer runtime. This is why you see the prompt being enabled again, while the installer is still running - it is a new process. Setup Factory alone cannot do what you need, unless you are building a multi-segmented setup, in which case you could use the /W command line parameter and see if it helps.