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I want some changes to the interface

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  • I want some changes to the interface


    Thank your forum for providing support.
    I want to ask my question directly, which is:
    1- Is it possible to add a button to minimize the window to the taskbar while the program is going to apply?

    2- Is it possible to delete an icon from the Title bar of the form during the install form show?

    3- I want to delete the option of disagreeing radio button with license agreement..?

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    1. Setup Factory does not offer a way to add a working minimize button to the title bar. You can add a button by changing the window style (via DLL.CallFunction()), but the button will not react to clicks after appearing, as the application was not designed to handle this event.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	SCRN-2021-01-29-01.png Views:	0 Size:	47.8 KB ID:	306066
    2. I am not aware that you can remove the icon. Even if you use a transparent icon, there would still be the blank space in the title bar where the icon would normally be shown.
    3. You can design a custom screen if you want to change the license screen, removing the radio buttons and place a checkbox instead. A single radio button makes no sense.