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  • 64-bit install questions

    Hi folks ....
    Am converting from 32-bit software to 64-bit. Currently SUF
    My target audience for this software includes Mac users running Windows who require 64-bit software.
    Two questions:
    1) for the identical installation, size of 32-bit .exe build is 18MB, and size of 64-bit .exe build is 22MB. Why is 64-bit .exe 4MB bigger?
    2) 64-bit install reported errors when installing 32-bit .dll and .ocx when I first ran it on a standard PC. Later runs no errors. Will the end-users experience errors or not? Can I tell SUF to be silent when it cannot install 32-bit components? 32-bit install has had no problems for years.

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    A 64-bit setup should not attempt to install any 32-bit files, as Windows will redirect the access to "ProgramFiles" and "System" folders to the 64-bit versions, meaning that you will be deploying 32-bit executables in folders designed to store 64-bit binaries. If your application is 64-bit, it will not use a 32-bit DLL or OCX. If your application is still the same, and you did not recompile it to create a 64-bit application (this is when you will see that the compiler will create a larger executable for your exe), you should not use a 64-bit setup.